Sell your business
First, to avoid you hours of research reading pages and pages on real estate websites in Florida,
Which some are no longer up to date of the latest laws in force, others are
contradictory and there is still who are talking about the 2008 real estate crisis!
I will be brief in my written comments, although I am at your entire disposal to deepen any question.
The sale or purchase of a business in Miami and its vicinity, the important points are named below.
The sale or purchase of a business is done mostly between 2 professionals of the same profession,
but this is not always the case, so the seller can offer support during the purchase phases.
The accompaniment can last even after the final signing, the lawyers of two parties will establish a written agreement.
For a purchase of business, an automatic E-mail will be sent to you and will allow you to visualize all the business
properties for sale according to your request.
The important points are on the location, the profitability, the feasibility and the price of course.
If you are the seller, the information collected on it will be disseminated correctly on the MLS business database.
The confidentiality clauses will be respected.
We will allow you to continue your activity without your staff and / or your customers being disturbed.
In both cases, the business visits are different from real estate, these visits are generally made
in the morning before the opening or late night after close.
In addition to a real estate agent, you will need to surround yourself with an accountant and a business
lawyer to complete the sale safely.
For the safe sale or purchase of your Florida business, do not hesitate to contact me.
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