Sale your real estate with a professional
The sale of real estate in Florida (Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Palm Beach) goes through different stages than the purchase.
The seller always has an idea of the price at which his property will be sold, so we must go through a certain
process of comparison and analysis of the real estate market, to obtain the REAL ESTATE PRICE.
The real risk is to disclose the WRONG price, both too low and too high.
 The analysis steps are very important to determine the true value of your property.
Your selling agent will this time be named (Listing Agent) that is to say the one that lists your property on internet platforms such as MLS.
The listing agent will be there to represent you and defend your rights from the beginning to end, the signature.
 I will establish a complete “COMPARATIVE MARKET” that will give you all the information you want, free of charge.
For a safe sale of your property or business in Florida, choose the right Real estate Agent.
The commission fees of the agents are the responsibility of the seller as well as the registration fees at the city and some other expenses as well.
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